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Convert Windows Line Endings to Unix

From time to time I create projects that need to be supported by both Windows and *NIX systems. Line endings are always a pain and although GIT has helped this a lot there are still issues at times that you must deal with manually.

Here is a quick way to output a project and convert line endings all in one. This is not difficult but probably won’t make much sense unless you’ve messed with .cmd or .bat files in the past.

First grab dos2unix here. You’ll need to select the correct binary for your platform either 32bit or 64bit. As of today 6.0.3 is the current version.

Save the below to “your_project_name.bat”

@ECHO off
setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion

SET source=D:\Path\To\Your\Source
SET dest=D:\Path\To\Your\Destination
SET d2upath=D:\dos2unix\Folder\Path
CALL publish.bat -r -s %source% -d %dest%
cd %dest%
ECHO Converting files to unix line endings…
SET exts=*.json, *.js
FOR %%f in (%exts%) DO (
CALL %d2upath%\dos2unix %%f
ECHO Finished publishing.

Save the following to “publish.bat”

@ECHO off
setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion

REM Set npm path, default build directory various variables.
SET execDir=%~dp0
SET sourceDir=%CD%
SET destDir=
SET lastArg=0
SET sourceIdx=0
SET destIdx=0
SET ctr=0
SET empty=n

REM No args passed use defaults goto dependency check.
IF [%~1]==[] GOTO :HELP
IF /i %~1==-h GOTO :HELP

REM Loop over args and assign them.

IF /i %~1==-s (
SET /a sourceIdx=%ctr%+1
IF /i %~1==-d (
SET /a destIdx=%ctr%+1

IF /i %~1==-r (
SET empty=y

IF %ctr%==%sourceIdx% (
IF %lastArg%==-s SET sourceDir=%~1

IF %ctr%==%destIdx% (
IF %lastArg%==-d SET destDir=%~1

SET lastArg=%~1
SET /a ctr+=1

SET /p create=”Directory “%destDir%” does not exist, would you like to create it (y or n)?”
IF %create%==y (
ECHO Creating directory…
MKDIR %destDir%
ECHO ——————————————————-
ECHO Nothing to do, no output directory exiting…

ECHO PUBLISHING: %sourceDir% to %destDir%
ECHO ——————————————————-
IF %empty%==y (
ECHO Removing files and subfolders.
RD %destDir% /s /q
MKDIR %destDir%
ECHO Publishing please wait…
IF EXIST pubignore.txt (
XCOPY /s /y /EXCLUDE:pubignore.txt %sourceDir%\* %destDir%
) ELSE (
XCOPY /s /y %sourceDir%\* %destDir%

ECHO HELP: Publish Script Help.
ECHO ——————————————————-
ECHO -s (specify source, default is current directory.)
ECHO -d (specify destination directory [required].)
ECHO -r (remove directory and re-create)


Create a text file with the name “pubignore.txt”

In this file you can put in files you want it to ignore when it copies the files from your source to your destination that you created in “your_project_name.bat”. This uses the standard xcopy EXCLUDE formatting.

NOTE: in the “your_project_name.bat” you can specify file extension types that you want dos2unix to convert also do this where it says “SET exts=*.json, *.js”

Created the files now what?

So once you’ve created all three files you have a couple options. You can put them all in the same folder as your project and then cd D:\Your\Project\Path. Where again “D” is the drive your project is in, then simply run “your_project_name.bat”.

The other option is to create a “Scripts” folder somewhere on your machine and then dump all but pubignore.txt (it needs to go in the project folder itself) in that folder. Lastly in your environment variables for your path include the path to the scripts folder. You can do this using the link I provided above or through the command line. Just Google it if you don’t quite get it. Once you do that you can just run “your_project_name.bat” from anywhere and it will do its job. This is in fact what I do and often call it from Visual Studio on build.

DOWNLOAD dos2unix