Archive | August 6, 2013

Adblock Custom Filters NFL Sites Nag

Block Ads and Notifications of Ad Blockers

Ever get tired of NFL sites and others notifying you that their site is “best viewed with ad blockers turned off”. This is because they make money on these hits hence they don’t want you blocking them. However to the user they are rather annoying. As a developer I understand fully why they don’t want them blocked. However the reason users block ads is because developers/companies over do it causing frustration for the user. If not over done there’d be little need for ad blockers.

How to Fix it

First install the adblocker extension for chrome. If you are not using Chrome stop go install it, slap yourself with a fresh trout apologize to your computer and then continue. Folks trust me Chrome is miles better than any other offering. It just is.

After you have it installed you’ll want to click on the stop sign icon in the upper right of your browser it has a hand inside it then select options.


Go to the “customize” tab and then click the edit button. See image below.


Finally add the same filters you see in the image above. This will block the nag claiming the site is best viewed without ad blockers. Note you can do this with any page following the same syntax. So for example you could right click while in Chrome and and choose “inspect element” this will tell you what the offending HTML element is. You then enter a similar syntax and unless the developer of the page changes that class name or id etc. you’ll never see it again.

Filter List

For your convenience I’ll update this list periodically as I come across other offenders.

Download: adbock_filter_list


Again I get the need for ads. They pay for the sites we use. However if a user blocks ads with a blocker their preferences should be respected. You NEVER as a developer circumvent the user’s preferences. Some may disagree but for me I think its important.