KnockoutJs and Ifragistics JQuery IgGrid

The Problem

Ran into a problem with the extensions shipped from Infragistics for use with the IgGrid and KnockoutJs. JQuery kept breaking complaining about “object not a function”.

After doing some digging and messing around I realized there was a problem with the shipped extension. I noticed a demo on Infragistics site that referred to a CDN version. So I grabbed it and it worked just fine. No more “object not a function” errors in my console using Google Chrome. So if anyone else runs into this issue just grab the download below and overwrite the shipped file and all should be well.

Knockout and the support from Infragistics is relatively new so I’m sure there will be updates in the meantime this works. as of the date of this article. If you are checking this a month or two from now they’ve probably resolved the problem.

Download Update


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3 responses to “KnockoutJs and Ifragistics JQuery IgGrid”

  1. Alan Halama says :


    The file that you are providing a link to in your post is the same file that is shipped with the release of NetAdvantage jQuery 2012 Volume 1 which is version 12.1.20121.1010. I have checked that the installation does have the same file as the CDN. Do you know if you have a service release installed and if so, which one?


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